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Always Authors features candid conversations between two authors. A diverse array of authors representing the broadest spectrum of literary genres take listeners behind the keyboard and into their world. They cover their work, lives, inspirations and favorite books. As there are never hosts or academic interviewers, everything is on the table.

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Monday Mar 11, 2024

Listen in as Stephanie and Kate discuss the importance of historical fiction; passion for your subject versus what the market wants; and how the fight for women's rights is really not a new idea.  
We're sure you'll enjoy this lively conversation between friends, and maybe you'll find out why Stephanie is holding Kate's book hostage.... What will it take to get it back??

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

These two fantastic women reveal how they transitioned from previous careers to into prolific writers.  Listen in as they discuss the difference between storytellers and authors, bringing "book it" back into the limelight, and the importance of creating "mom camp"!

Monday Jan 29, 2024

Do you like historical fiction and romance? Your mind may be blown by how these two prolific authors spice it up by adding, comedy, Steampunk, futurism, fairies and horses.  And, you'll get some great advice on protecting your books in the publishing world.

Monday Jan 01, 2024

Join these two award winning writers as they discuss their latest novels, how they write while raising families, and the difference between thrillers and speculative fiction.  You may even hear about     cowboy erotic aliens....

Monday Dec 11, 2023

Are you a horror enthusiast? Listen in as these suspense/horror writers discuss the mysteries behind their stories, the stress of getting your book picked up and why you might be wearing a full body skeleton outfit while reading a horror novel! 

Monday Dec 04, 2023

Join these two good friends as they discuss their latest novels, the worlds of Frank Baum and Jane Austen, and the importance of self worth and men who can cook!

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Join these two prolific writers of adult and YA books as they discuss characters, relationships, sex and the importance of research for their novels.  They share agents, editors and a love of tea, stickers and chocolate!

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

In a perfect launch to our third season, Jacquelyn and Adriana will take you on a joy filled romp through their novels, process and the experience of selling millions of best selling books. Warning: they may make you laugh and cry all within a perfect hour of conversation.

Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

Join Phaedra and Clare, friends and fellow Brits, as they discuss becoming their characters.... and when exactly the magic happens in the writing process. 

Monday May 29, 2023

Bryn and Madeline discuss their love of writing historical fiction, how much research it takes to write that genre, and how lucky they feel to be able to call themselves authors.  From art forgery to book burning, join this enlightening discussion between two friends.


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